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Oil sump pick-up nut wrench


    If you've owned air-cooled VWs for very long, you know how abused the oil sump plate studs are and how easily they strip-out.  The stud that always causes problems is the stud holding the oil pick-up tube in place.  I've seem guys tear the whole motor down because the stud stripped or the nut came loose.  I solved the problem of getting to that hard-to-reach nut by manufacturing my own special wrench which enables you to reach it and tighten/loosen it as needed.

    My wrench started out as a cheap but good quality Craftsman 10mm Combination wrench that I picked-up from my local Sears.   I cut it in two places and used a grinder to grind away the chrome from the edges to be welded.  I tacked it together and then made a slight angle down on the handle so that it would stick out the bottom of the sump.  Below is the results.  It works great and enables me to easily access this hard to reach nut so I can remove and replace this stud if necessary without problems.


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