Caster dolly for swing axle car w/o a transmission

    For those with swing axle VWs, removing the transmission makes the car difficult to move around since with the transmission out, you also loose the rear wheels.  The car becomes difficult to move and usually requires the help of friends and a floor jack.  Well, I have a perfect and cheap (of course) solution; a swing axle caster wheel.  this simple tool can also be used on IRS equipped vehicles that have the rear suspension removed for repair, so it's not just for swing axle cars.

    I start with a used engine mount cradle.  This is what the trans mounts, mount to.  This in turn is mounted to the frame horns with large bolts.  I simply cut 2 lengths of 1" angle iron and welded them to either side of the top of the cradle.  This is now the bottom and becomes the base that the caster mounts to.  

    Then I found a 6" caster that is capable of holding the weight of the rear of the car (get a caster with around 1,000 pound capacity to be safe).  I welded that caster to the angle iron and the tool is complete.

    To use it, simply bolt the adapter to your frame horns and lower the car onto the caster.  You now have the ability to move the car around with ease.  There is no parking brake so you will need to keep that in mind when you park the car.  Use wheel chocks to hold the car in place.

Here's a secret; The '1967 beetle circled below has no rear wheels on it!!  In this photo it was being moved around with the adapter featured in this article!!

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