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   This page contains a few of, what I feel, are the best Technical Information Sites for air-cooled VW that I have found on the net to date.  Since the net is a rather large place, chances are I have not made it to even 1% of the VW sites that are out there.  So, with that in mind, if you know of a really good technical site that is not listed here, please send me a link.  That way, if I like it too, I can add it to this ever growing list.  Please remember that this link list is STRICTLY FOR TECHNICAL INFORMATION PAGES ONLY (IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER).

Have fun surfing!!

The Library - Lots of good info for bus folks of all years.

Ness-tek - Ron Van Ness's tech pages.

Bartno-tek - Sean Bartnik's tech pages. - Good info geared more for performance motors.

Gene Berg Enterprises - Tech tips from one of the founding fathers of performance VWs.

The Bug Shop Technical Help - A series of tech pages written by John S. Henry - Lots of good stuff in here.  Geared toward pre-'68 busses.

Strictly Vintage 2s (SV2s) - A great collection of "How-To" articles. Tech - Tech info geared toward type3s.

The Old Volks Home - Distributor specs for your VW and more.

Transaxle Guide - A good resource for learning about the VW transmission. 

N.E.A.T.O. - "M"-codes, paint/interior codes, and much more for T-2 owners.

Transporter Resource Guide - Lots of links to great tech.

VW Line Art Drawings - Test out new paint combinations BEFORE spending your $$$!!

Paint Chips & Mixing Codes - This is a scan of an original VW publication!!

T-3 & T-4 Paint Codes - Factory paint codes for '61 - '74 type3s & type 4

T-2 Parts Manuals - Scanned, downloadable manuals.

Volkswagen Type 2 Manuals - Fuel Injection, gas heaters and more.

Joe Clark's Camper Tent Pages - Tons of info and photos of VW tents.

Westfalia Camper Manuals - Down-loadable scans of Westy manuals & brochures. 

Wolfsburg West's Color Charts - Factory color charts for most T-1s & T-2s. Tech Articles - 70+ well written tech articles.

VW-Workshop - Many, many tech articles.

Kens Buggy Barn - Ignition / carburetor modifications and more, backed by real world testing.

Boston Engine - Articles and tips from a 30+ year VW mechanic.

Bulley-Hewlett' VW Tech - Articles on sound proofing  and boosting heat in your VW. 

Standard Abrasives Inc. - Porting & polishing info written for the V-8 crowd, but good  DIY info.

Shop Talk Forums - Got questions??  Here's a bunch of active VW forums with the answers.

VW Air-Cooled Engine Homepage - Really good Site for VW newbies to learn the basics.

Speedy Jim's Homepage - Electrical hints and a whole lot more.

R.A.M.V.A. Tech - Got a spare weekend??  Good Stuff for ALL air-cooled VWs. - Great site with tech for type2ers.

Mid-South VW - lots of articles pertaining to all air-cooled VWs.

VW Door Lock Repair - Overhauling and repairing your vintage VW's locks! 

Turbo Charging Calculator - Wanna turbo that motor??  This will help!

Solex Manual On-Line - This is a downloadable manual about selecting and tuning Solex Carbs. 

Audi Into A Bus - Nice series of pages on swapping an Audi 5 cylinder into a Bus!

Bus Selecta - O.K., so it's not really tech, it's good fun though.


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