Routine Maintenance For Air-Cooled VWs

Your #1 insurance policy against break-down.

       Your air-cooled VW is a a hearty little unit that's designed to give you years of faithful service.  But you must also keep up your end of the deal too.  Regularly scheduled maintenance is your best insurance against break-down.  It's up to you.  Your vehicle needs you to do some basic maintenance or things will begin to go wrong.  Typically this maintenance is performed at 3,000 mile intervals.  Below are links to your air-cooled VW's vital routine maintenance requirements. 

NOTE - I'm NOT going to include in these maintenance checks, things like: checking the battery, washer fluid, tire checks, etc.  To me, checking things like that is just plain common sense.  Instead, I'm going to touch on the more technical maintenance involved in these checks (i.e. - the stuff you pay a mechanic to do).  I would suggest that you buy a Robert Bentley manual for your year of vehicle. 

    As time goes by and I do maintenance on my own vehicle, I hope to add more photos to these procedures.  Until then, please just follow along with the text. 

HELP ME OUT:  While writing these pages, as with ALL my pages, every effort has been made to have technically accurate information.  Since I'm only human and type with only 4 of 10 fingers ;-) there is always the possibility that I may have inadvertently left something out or gotten things mixed up.  If you find any missing steps, or something to be out of order, please e-mail me so that I can make a review of the problem identified, and fix it if need be.  I want the contents of this site to be the best it can be, and you're expertise is requested.

EVERY 3,000 miles


EVERY 6,000 miles

EVERY 12,000 miles

EVERY 18,000 miles

EVERY 24,000 miles

EVERY 30,000 miles

EVERY Two (2) years


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