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       ProVolks offers a full array of restoration services.  From restoring your engine back to factory specs, to full pan-off restorations.  With the exception of paint and body work, ALL restoration work is done in-house to ensure the highest quality of workmanship.  

    The restoration process begins with a meeting with clients and a thorough inspection of the vehicle to be restored.  We discuss the vehicle and what their expectations and desires are for their vehicle when completed.  ProVolks has extensive reference material and parts network at our disposal with which to research a stock restoration so that proper colors, fabrics and parts are selected to achieve an authentic restoration.  We also have an extensive knowledge and experience in customization of VWs, so if a stock restoration is not your thing, we can make your VW as custom and personalized as you want it.  Dream big, because the sky is the limit!!

    From there we come up with a detailed, current parts estimate, and with the owners approval, the restoration process begins.  A typical stock restoration begins with a complete and careful disassembly of the vehicle which includes bagging, labeling and archiving all parts.  Rust repair follows with all rust cut out and new metal welded in.

New rockers being welded in place on a 1965 Bus


    The body is then sent to the media blaster where the paint is removed with plastic media and the rusted areas are cleaned with a slightly more aggressive blast media.  From there, the vehicle goes directly to the painter where it's immediately protected with a thorough primer coating.  After that, the body and paint work proceed.


1966 Beetle restoration process; at the painter just back from blasting

    Once paint is done, we can proceed with the rest of the restoration at our facility.  Here we handle the pan restoration using new floor pans if needed and paint the pan with POR-15 to ensure a long, rust-free future.  The chassis, including drive train is restored of modified as to the clients desires.   Once the body is mated back with the restored pan, the wiring, interior, body panels, seals and trim can go on.

Fully restored 1964 Beetle chassis ready to be mated with the body


Freshly painted and mated to the restored & detailed chassis


    ProVolks also can restore specific components for a restoration project.  So if you like to perform the restoration yourself but are not too keen on certain areas like interior or certain mechanical areas, we can help you out and get you that much closer to your dream restoration.


Restoration of rare Solex 32 PBJ carburetors for a 1953 Porsche 356 Pre-A


Before and after!!

    Once all together, we carefully put approx. 100 miles of driving on each vehicle to ensure any problems that may arise are found by ProVolks and not the client.  Once the vehicle is completely detailed inside and out, the client is called and they are free to pick up their newly restored VW.  It all sounds pretty simple in a few short paragraphs, but I assure you it's a big, logistical ballet that takes several months to complete.  ProVolks goal is to exceed your expectations in quality and workmanship; making you the center of attention on the road.


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