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1745cc stroker built with good performance and MPG in mind

1915cc w/ dual Dellorto DRLA 40s and ceramic A-1 Sidewinder header

    At ProVolks, we build some of the best engines available today.  We do not have different standards for stock engine or performance engines; ALL are built to the same high standards.   Anyone can build a motor; "The devil is in the details" and at ProVolks, we're obsessed with the details.  We build/rebuild only full engines that perform as good as they look.  We use only the best parts available and leave the junk to the other guys.  Our motors are built one at a time with careful attention to all clearances and specs to ensure the best performance, longevity and trouble-free ownership available.  

    There is an old saying with regards to engine building: "Reliable, Fast, Cheap; You can only choose two!!"  If you're looking for a combo that includes "cheap", then use the other guys.  We will never sacrifice quality and our reputation just to save a couple bucks; our clients satisfaction is too important to us.  Our client loyalty proves that.

Stock Restoration - Type-1

    Do you need a stock, period correct restoration motor for your restored VW or Porsche??  We can build it for you.  We have the knowledge and established obsolete parts network available to ensure your restoration motor has the correct distributor, carburetor, air cleaner, hardware, etc. so that your restored VW is as period correct as it should to be.

Stock motor for a restored 1963 15 window deluxe bus

Stock Porsche 356

Restored 1500cc 1955 Porsche 356 motor almost ready for installation

High Performance Type-1

    If you would like a bit more performance and want to wake-up that tired motor, we can build a mild performance or high performance street engine that will get you cruising down the road with enough power to pass and cruise at 75mph+ all day long.  

Mild performance 1600cc w/ dual 34mm Weber ICT carburetors


2017cc stroker w/ single progressive Weber carburetor and A-1 Sidewinder header

1915cc w/ dual Dellorto DRLA 40s and ceramic A-1 Sidewinder header in restored a 1960 23 window Deluxe Bus

Stock Type-4 Engine Building

For '72-'83 Bus/Vanagon and Porsche 914 owners, we have you covered too.  We KNOW type-4 motors and if you need a quality rebuilt stock motor ProVolks is the place.


High Performance Type-4

Do you require top level performance for your daily driver or weekend warrior??  We can do that too.  We have the experience and knowledge to build you a top performing 2,000cc and above sized motor.  Do you want to spank the Honda boys on Saturday night and send them home with their tail between their legs??  We speak performance and can raise the bar on what you're car is capable of doing with you behind the wheel.

Conversion type-4 motors are another area that we have a lot of experience in.  We have built several Cali Conversion motors over the years and have even pioneered some of the ideas and technology that is now standard practice in the conversion process.  There is no other engine available for your VW or Porsche that can make the kind of torque and ultimate drivability that a type-4 motor can.  These engines can be made to fit into any VW Beetle, Bus, Type-3 or Porsche 356 and 912.  Our conversion motors are `100% hand crafted and when completed, look as if they were a factory option and not a transplant.  We can design and build a conversion motor for you and your application or we can assemble and install your Jake Raby kit motor in your special project.  From 2.0L to 2.6L, if you need a type-4 conversion motor, ProVolks is your source.


High Performance 2000cc type-4 Cali conversion in Nate's own 1966 E-Z Camper featuring dual Dellorto carbs and custom ProVolks-built header


High performance 2056cc type-4 Cali conversion for a Porsche 912 using un-modified Porsche parts for a "skunk-works" factory look

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