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A ProVolks Excusive; You can do it and I'll prove it!!

Brooks J. posing next to his new 2017cc stroker just after a successful run-up on the test stand

    Do you have a father/son/daughter project that needs a motor??  Perhaps you want to build your own motor but maybe lack the knowledge, experience or the tools & facilities to do it yourself and be successful??  ProVolks is here to help you be a success no matter how much or how little actual automotive experience you have.  My exclusive engine building instruction and assistance allows you to take your project to the next level and gives you a real opportunity to do it all.  This is just what that father/son/daughter project has needed.  I will assist you through all phases of engine disassembly, engine design, parts acquisition, mock-up, final assembly and help you break-in your motor right here at ProVolks.  You will be provided with all the assistance you need to successfully tear-down, design, build and break-in your next motor.  No longer will you not know what is going on inside your engine as you are cruising down the road.  You will truly be one with your project.


Nate (left) watches Tyler K. (right) torque the block in preparation for align boring                Brooks J. motor ready for lifter and cam installation                           

    All building instruction &  assistance is performed on weekends when interruptions are minimal and my full attention can be on you and your motor. This gives you the opportunity to really enjoy the process ask plenty of questions and get the most out of the experience.  Confusing processes like calculating and setting your static compression ratio, setting proper rocker geometry will all be discussed and you will work through them successfully.  You will learn tips and techniques that you won't find in any manual and that only come from repeated, successful engine building over many years.  Make no mistake about it; you will be building the motor, not watching me do it!! 


                                      Tyler K. torques the heads              Nate sets-up the dial indicator for an end-play check              Brooks J. motor ready to check deck height 


                        Ash G. installs the oil cooler on her new long block                                                          Ash G. torques the heater boxes onto her new motor

    I can tell you from experience that one of the greatest feeling a car guy can have, is hearing a motor that you built with your own hands come to life on a test stand for the first time.  It's a feeling for me that never gets old and you always remember your first.  So make that first memory the best it can be with assistance and instruction from Nate at ProVolks.


        Tyler K. running his new 1776cc motor for the first time                    Ash G. stands proudly by her newly built-up motor that is ready to install

    Contact Nate directly for costs, terms and conditions for this exclusive service.

You can do it and I'll prove it!!


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