Installing a Pertronix®   Pointless Ignition

Article & photos by Brad Milton with permission.


    Ok, the first picture is of distributor with the cap off.  Make sure at this point you have the right Pertronix Igniter.  They have one for the 009 and one for the vacuum advance distributors.  Now remove the rotor, dust cover (if you have one), and wire that goes to the coil.  Oh yeah, and the vacuum hose if needed.

pertronix1.jpg (67264 bytes)

    Next remove the distributor.  This is easy just undo the 13mm nut that holds the bracket and wiggle it out.

pertronix2.jpg (69154 bytes)

    Now remove the points.  Do this inside on your wife’s coffee table if she is not home and its cold outside. ;-)

pertronix3.jpg (59156 bytes)

    Next remove the condenser.  Now that you have the condenser removed, I recommend inserting the grommet first, not last as the instructions recommend.

pertronix4.jpg (62421 bytes)

    Grommet done, now install the igniter.  This is easy just don’t tighten the nuts down all the way yet.  But do install the magnet wheel.

pertronix5.jpg (62247 bytes)

    Next you gap the igniter with the plastic feeler gauge.  If you loose it, it is .030".  Tighten the nut's down; they're 7mm.

pertronix6.jpg (66478 bytes)

    Now re-install the distributor.  Once it is installed re-assemble only make sure you hook the red wire to + and the black wire to -. If you screw this up like I did you will fry the Igniter. Once you are done warm the motor up and re-time the ignition. It will not be right even if you timed it first. The Igniter is slightly off timing from points so remember this if you have to go back to points like I did. Also the larger or smaller the gap between the Igniter and the magnet wheel the difference will be shown in your dwell. That's it, wasn't that easy?


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