Air-cooled VW Engine Build/Re-build Parts List


    I've had a few folks suggest I add an engine parts "shopping list" of sorts to the engine build pages.   What I've tried to do is make it like a real shopping list, that way you could just check off the items as you buy them or as you have machine work done.  I'm NOT going to get into what name-brands to use, since everyone seems to have their favorite supplier or brand.  I'll just supply a list and let you do the shopping.

    If you are putting together an engine from scratch, meaning that you have nothing to begin with, you will likely need just about everything on this list.  If you are rebuilding an existing engine, chances are you will already have most of these parts and will need to only replace broken/worn-out parts and machine re-usable parts.  

    Since most folks typically REBUILD a motor they already have, I've color coded this list so that it's easier for the more novice builders to get an idea what they can expect to buy for a "typical" rebuild project.

NOTE:  Since ALL engines wear differently it's impossible to know what you will really need until you have disassembled and inspected your motor for wear.  This list is ONLY A GUIDE.  NOT THE GOSPEL.

    A Blue filled area means - You WILL need this.  Count on this expense!

    A Green filled area means - You MIGHT need this.  It depends how the inspection of your parts goes.

    A Yellow filled area means - This is an OPTIONAL expense.  Many builders may recommend it for a stock 1600cc engine or larger, but it's NOT required for a stock rebuild.

    A Fuchia filled area means - This is ONLY NEEDED when building a "stroker engine" OR using larger than stock pistons on a stock-stroked engine.

   An area with White fill color means - This is a required part but it usually does not need machining of any kind.  Normally you can clean and re-use your old part.  It also will be used to identify those parts on the list that are used in a high-performance motor.

   A " * " means - This is OPTIONAL machine or requires machine work that normally is not required, but may, depending on your engine's wear.

   This list is also available as a downloadable MS EXCELL spreadsheet.  Many thanks to Adam "Shane" Graham of ComputeRelief, Computer and Networking Consulting Specialists (757) 651-6677 for converting my list into a really useable spreadsheet!!

Air-Cooled VW Engine Build Parts Listing (Up-right T-1 & 2)


Part Name


Machining Required Y/N


Technical Notes

x Engine Case   x x Align bore-          /Thrust-                  
x *Drill & Tap for Full Flow Oiling x x
x *Spot-facing Cylinder Bores x x
x *Case Savers Installation x x
x *Open Cylinder Bores for Larger Cylinders  x x
x *Sand Seal Cut                                                        x x
x *Clearance for Stroker                                         x x
x x x x x x
x Cylinder Stud Kit     Size-              /Type-
x Engine Gasket Set   x
x Engine Hardware Kit   x
x x x x x x
x Main Bearing Set     Main-        /Align-        /Thrust-
x Bearing Dowel Pins   x
x x x x x x
x Crankshaft   x x Main-         /Rod-        /Thrust-
x Cam Drive Gear     x
x Gear Spacer   x
x Distributor Drive Gear   x
x Woodruff Key   x
x Oil Slinger   x
x Crank Gear Snap Ring   x
x x x x x x
x Connecting Rods (4)   x x x
x Rod Bearing Set     x
x x x x x x
x Cam     Lift-              /Duration Deg.-
x Lifter Set (8)   x x New/Re-Ground
x Cam Bearing Set     x
x Cam Plug   x
x x x x x x
x Distributor Drive Pinion x   x
x Dist. Drive Pinion Washers x x
x Distributor   Type-
x Ignition (points/rotor/cap)   Point Gap-
x Spark Plugs   Gap-
x Plug Wires   Type-
x x x x x x
x Oil Pump     x
x FF Pump Cover   x
x Oil Hoses   x
x Oil Filter Mount Assy.   x
x x x x x x
x Deep Sump Assy.     x
x Sump Cover   x
x x x x x x
x Piston & Cylinder Set     Size-
x Performance Ring Set   x
x Cylinder Spacers   Bore Size-           /Thickness-
x x x x x x
x *Engine Balancing (DYNAMIC) x x
x x x x x x
x Pushrod Set     Length-               /Type-
x Pushrod Tubes (8)   x
x x x x x x
x Heads, NEW (2)     Valve Sizes (I) -             (E)-
x Rebuild YOUR Heads (total) x x
x *Open for Larger Cylinders                                 x x
x *Fly Cut Heads x x
x *Port & Polish Heads                                             x x
x *Three-Angle Valve Grind x x
x Copper Head Gaskets     Bore Size-           /Thickness-
x x x x x x
x Rocker Arm Set (8) x   Ratio-
x Rocker Shaft   Type-
x Valve Adjusting Screws   Type-
x x x x x x
x Flywheel   x x Size/Volt-
x Clutch Disk     Size-
x Pressure Plate   Size-
x End Play Shims (various)   x
x Gland Nut/Washer   Type
x x x x x x
x                                Parts Subt: $ Machine Subt: $ x

Consumable Materials


Product Type


Technical Notes

x Case Half Sealant x x
x Plastigage (green) x x
x Locktite                                 x Type-
x Assembly Lube x Type-
x Motor Oil x Weight-
x Oil Filter                                 x Type-
x 400+ Grit Emery Cloth x x
x x x x
x x x x
                     Consumable Subt: $ x
x x x x
TOTAL ENGINE COST: $  < This is typically not a number you want your mate to see for obvious reasons!


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