H-4 Headlight Upgrade

Seeing better in a dimly lit world.

    Upgrading to H-4 style headlights is a great upgrade to make on any car; particularly a VW.  More light ensures you can adequately see the road in front of you while, even more importantly, ensuring other motorists see you.  Besides being brighter than your normal incandescent & halogen sealed beam headlights, H-4's also afford you the opportunity to use different wattages of beams as well as customize the color of the light they emit. 

    The prices for H-4's range from around $7 for each headlight assembly, on up to $50+ for Hella brand H-4s.  Not wanting to spend huge bucks for this upgrade, I opted for some that cost me $8 each.  This included the steel/glass bulb holder and a 55/65 watt bulb.

    First you must remove the headlight buckets by removing the one setscrew and disconnecting the wires.  Then you need to remove the five (5) clips on the back of the bulb which hold in the retaining ring and bulb in place.  Remove the bulb as well as the retaining ring. 

    Now place the new H-4 light inside the bucket assembly.  Place the retaining ring onto the back and align the three (3) cut-outs in the retaining ring with the raised areas on the back of the bulb.  Now rotate the bulb and retaining ring together until the two (2) alignment tabs go into the slots. 

    Now replace the five (5) retaining clips onto the back of the bucket  and remove the plastic protective caps that cover the electrical terminals.    

headlight-clips.jpg (30433 bytes)                    h4-terminal-protector.jpg (33930 bytes)                    h4-terminal-protector-removed.jpg (41098 bytes)

    Now Reinstall the wiring just as before and fit the bucket assembly back into position.   Reinstall the setscrew as before and that's it.

h4-rewire.jpg (31513 bytes)                    h4.jpg (29587 bytes)

    Now you should always check & adjust (if necessary) the alignment of  your headlights ANY time you remove and replace the bulbs just to be sure nothing moved.


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