Credits, Contributions & Thank You's


    First and foremost, I'd like to thank my loving wife and family for putting up with the many long, late nights of work while putting the engine and these pages together.  I'd also like to thank my wife for allowing me to build this motor in the cleanest and most brightly lit area of the house; her kitchen. :-)

The following businesses were huge contributors in the building of this motor both intellectually as well as with retail parts and great service.  If they are on this page, I feel they are most worthy of your patronage.

    Bob, Pat, Tom and all the other fine folks at C.B. Performance in Farmersville, CA for their great machine work as well as the many fine parts that I needed for this build-up.  These guys and gals are a class act.

    The folks at SoCal Imports for their fast friendly service when I needed the right parts at the right time.

    Tom at Olsen's Muffler and Machine in Hanford, CA for the great 3 angle valve job in record time for next to nothing.

    All the folks at J&T Motors in Hanford, CA for all their help with the fine details and for always being willing to help with weird requests from me and timely parts. :-)

    Jim Arnott - list admin and co-brain child/leader of the WetWesties for technical assistance and ensuring I didn't leave too much out in making these pages.  

    Jay Wallace - For added technical assistance and knowledge sharing.

    All the folks on, & for the free-flow of knowledge over the past few years.  You guys and gals ROCK!!  Thanks for sharing the knowledge and for being so darned entertaining too!!


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