Case-Savers & Engine Studs


    Why use case-savers??  Well as the name implies, they will save your case!!  Many of the older VW motors didn't come from the factory with these installed.  It is not un-common to have studs pulled out of these motors causing heads to loosen and eventually warp.  Studs pulling out is a BAD thing.  Using case savers tends to solve this problem (or at least make it easier to repair if it does happen.

10mm-csaver.jpg (60764 bytes)             case-savers.jpg (63100 bytes)             deepset-3.jpg (58232 bytes)

    Above are 2 shots of the two different kinds of case-savers out there.  I know it's a little difficult from these photos to tell there is a difference between these two types, so bare with me here.   The LEFT photo is of an older style 10mm found in most SOPR cases.  The CENTER photo is a DOPR case with the newer style 8mm case-savers.  Most prefer the newer 8mm variety.  The RIGHT photo is of the deep set case-saver on cylinder #3's the top-front  stud.

sp-engine-studs.jpg (64428 bytes)

   This photo is of a case with 10mm studs that are made for single port heads.  If you look closely you will note that the 4 top studs are all the same length.  On engines with dual port studs, the 2 center, top studs will be about 1/2" SHORTER than the other 2 studs.  If the case you are considering has the wrong type of studs for your application, it will probably cost you up to $30.00 to get a set.  Remember that you could go to your local pick-n-pull and just get the top center studs that you need off a junk case  for just a couple bucks (if that).


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