The Restored Interior!!!!


   The hard work is now complete!  The pay-off is at hand!!  Presenting,. . . MY NEW INTERIOR!!!!

restored-int-1.jpg (16102 bytes)            restored-int-2.jpg (14199 bytes)            restored-int-3.jpg (11559 bytes)            restored-int-4.jpg (13024 bytes)

restored-int-5.jpg (17597 bytes)            restored-int-6.jpg (17612 bytes)            restored-int-7.jpg (18007 bytes)            restored-int-8.jpg (16031 bytes)

    None of this could have EVER happened without the help and wood-working knowledge of my father.  THANKS DAD!!!!!!!    

    I'm happy to report that the sound proofing I did has made a significant reduction in road and engine noise while driving!!  I think with some new door deals and a new driver's vent window latch, I could really have a quiet bus on my hands.


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