Interior - Before Restoration;

What is was. . .

    From the looks of it, I'd have to say the interior of my E-Z Camper as done somewhere in Wisconsin,. . . Can you say CHEESY?!?!  It was a true example of a "long distance interior";  Best when viewed from a LONG distance.  It was "restored" by the previous owner with the absolutely cheapest paneling carried by Home Depot (which actually has a photo finish and not even real wood grain!!)  It even had hinges that were RIVETED through the the doors with pop rivets!!  To make matters worse, several of the panels had the original, factory panels underneath, but the cheesy panels had been screwed onto the faces of the original.  Like a sort of "re-skinning". . .  It had to go!!!!!  Take a look for yourself, it's usable but pathetic and falling apart. . .

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    Here's a few shots of the front seat area of my bus.  Not much hacking up here, just years of wear & tear.  It's in dire need of new kick panels and door panels not to mention upholstery, and. . .  Well that's what I have money for right now so we'll just stick to those three things!!

int-before11a.jpg (30421 bytes)        int-before12a.jpg (44176 bytes)        int-before13a.jpg (45282 bytes)


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