Bus Tank Vent Replacement

Getting rid of the fuel smell in your '68-'79 bus


    If you've owned a '68-'79 bus for a while you are probably familiar with how difficult it is to get access to the fuel tank.  VWoA packed it neatly in a sealed compartment just forward of the motor above the transmission.  Since they are relatively maintenance free, there normally is not a problem.  Fast forward 30 years or more and you're filling up your tank at the local service station.  Hop in the bus and you smell fuel. . .   This can't be good!!  What you likely have is either cracked vent hoses or a leaking fuel sender gasket. In this article we will be covering the vent hoses. which is the most common source if fuel smells in the busses.

    The first thing you need to do with a '68-'71 bus is to remove your engine from the bus.  This is necessary to gain access to and remove the removable firewall to gain access to the tank.  While it is *possible* to remove the firewall panel on a '72-'79 (dual carbed & fuel injected) bus without removing the engine, I still recommend just pulling the motor to make it easier.  Sometimes you spend WAY more time  trying to avoid pulling the motor and it just makes it more challenging during the whole process.

    Once the motor is out of the way, you will need to remove the screws that hold the panel on the left & right outside edges.  There is also one screw on each side that is located UNDER the bus on the bottom side of the panel.  Once the screws are out, remove the panel from the engine compartment; exposing the fuel tank.


    In the above photo, you can see what the compartment looks like with the panel removed.  You can also clearly see where the main source of the fuel smell has been coming from on this bus; the center tank vent elbow.


        One section that gets overlooked is the outer filler neck and vent hose.  These are accessed through the round panel on the right side of the compartment.  Just use a screw driver to pop-off the panel.





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