Custom Length CIS Injection Hose

Easy as making a custom banjo.


    CIS injection was used on many in-line 4 water-cooled engines.  When you try and put it on a flat-4 engine, you soon find that two of the injector lines will be WAY too short to reach the manifold for that side.  Which side ends up short is solely dependant upon which side of the engine bay you place the fuel distributor.  

    You can have new custom lines made up, but that can be a pricey purchase and you will probably have to settle for inferior, non-steel braided fuel lines.   I was faced with this dilemma myself and decided to come up with a solution of my own.

    While looking at the original Bosch banjo fittings, an idea came to me; I could make my own custom banjo and connect two factory steel braided lines!!  Here's what I came up with:

The Problem:  Two fuel hoses that are each too short in and of themselves.

CIS-hoses-separate.jpg (18373 bytes)

The Solution:  Make a custom banjo fitting.

    The factory banjo fittings are 8.0mm (0.315") in diameter.  I used a 5/16" (0.310") diameter bolt with a grip length of 5/8" and an overall length of 1 3/4".  The 5/16" SAE bolt is only .005" smaller than the original and is a great fit.  Believe me when I say that this feels as good of a fit as the original metric fitting.  The bolts (5/16" x 1 3/4" x 24) can be had for about $0.15 each and the cap nuts (5/16 x 24) for about $0.50 each.  You'll need 2 of each.

    To locate the first hole, I slid on a factory alloy sealing washer and one of the hose ends.  Then marked where the center of the hose fitting was.  Then I slid on another sealing washer and the other hose fitting and did the same.  I filed a small flat spot into the side of the bolt and drilled two holes through the side of the bolt.  Then I cut the bolt to the proper length with a hack saw and dressed the end threads with a file.  Finally I drilled a hole down the length of the bolt shank just until I had the bottom holes connected.

custom-banjo-fitting.jpg (16319 bytes)

    Here's an exploded view of the custom banjo ready for assembly.

exploded-custom-banjo.jpg (34882 bytes) 

    Here's the custom banjo installed.

custom-banjo-installed.jpg (26542 bytes)

The Result:  I now have a custom length factory, stainless steel braided hose that I can have virtually any length I need simply by shopping the local Pick-n-Pull for 2 lines who's lengths equal the length I need.  One of the hoses MUST be a double banjo hose.  The cold start injector hose works perfectly for this application. 

 new-custom-CIS-hose.jpg (20298 bytes)

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