Comparing The C.B. Performance 044® Head To Stock, OEM VW



    Stock heads are great in a stock motor using basically stock carburetion and cam.  But they have a limited performance level due to their restrictive ports, material thickness, valve size, spring pressure, etc and the list goes on.  One of the leading performance parts manufacturers, C.B. Performance, designed an all new casting to correct what they saw as performance limitations to the stock design.  They call it the 044®  What I hope to do here is to show some of the differences between a stock head and the  C.B. 044® head.  For the record, I purchased these in their basic complete form.  The ONLY modification done to them was that they were opened up for 92mm pistons & cylinders.  The basic head incorporates these features:

    - 40mm (intake) X  35.5mm (exhaust) stainless steel (SS) valves with single groove 7 deg. locks & retainers.

    - Single high-rev springs with chromoly retainers.

    - larger, less obstructed ports.

    - 3/4" reach spark plug bosses.

    - 35.5mm SS exhaust valves.

    - Thicker combustion and port materiel for strength and larger porting.

    Here's a few shots comparing the  044® to a stock head.

044-comb-chamber.jpg (16626 bytes)

    This shot shows the combustion chambers side by side,  Note the 044® (R) has the much larger SS valves.  The combustion chamber is very similar to stock.

stock-profile.jpg (12265 bytes)            044-profile.jpg (12563 bytes)

These two photos show how much more material there is in the casting for the combustion chambers on the 044® (R) compares to the OEM head (L).  You can also just see the larger and smother exhaust ports in the 044® head. Note the absence of the guide boss in the casting.  removing this boss greatly improves flow.

044-valve-springs.jpg (17555 bytes)

This photo shows the valve retainers.  These chromoly retainers are billet machined NOT stamped steel like stock.  The stock retainers would pull through in short order if used with these springs.  The single springs are capable of revs up to 6500 RPMs.  The valve train is also capable of total lift of .550" before the spring will bind.

spark-plug-boss.jpg (13483 bytes)            spark-plugs.jpg (11980 bytes)

This shot compares the spark plug bosses.  The 044® (R) used a smaller, but longer plug.  Bob Tomlinson from C.B. Performance, recommends using NGK DP8EA-9 spark plugs in these heads.  They are oddly, a very popular motorcycle plug with a similar heat range as the beloved Bosch Super W8AC.  These are available from any motorcycle shop.

    Overall, these heads are quite impressive even in the basic form.  One thing I wish was done on all the 044s® , was cleaning up of the material around the valve seats.  There was a pronounced ridge caused by the finish machining done after the seat installation.  I just wish they had used a mill with a rounded corner so that the incoming air would have a smoother path.  I probably should have un-shrouded the valve seats prior to installation to remove these grooves, but alas,. . . I didn't.  I'm guessing that if you pay for the 044 Magnums® (which are ported & polished) they will have this groove blended away. 


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